Baked Goods

Well & Good: A Delicious Dish provides in-house, freshly baked goods on a daily basis. We invite you to browse our delicious offering, and you can either pick it up for enjoyment elsewhere or enjoy it with us. See you soon!

CLICK HERE TO ORDER via the Joe App, then select "New Order" and navigate to the "Food" section by selecting the appropriate button at the top of the app homepage. Your order, once placed through the Joe App, will hit our system and be ready for your pickup in the café. Thank you and see you soon!


Di-Bells Cinnamon Rolls $5.50

LB’s Triple Cinnamon Scones $4.95

Todd Shmods Scone $4.95

Mom’s Strawberry Scone $4.95

Lemon Blueberry Crumble Muffins $4.25

Brando’s Coffee Cake $4.25


(Includes cream cheese or butter)

Plain Bagel $4.95

Everything Bagel $4.95

Cheese Bagel $4.95

Multi Grain $4.95

Gluten-Free Options

Blaine’s Monster Cookies $3.95

Suzie Q Maple Pecan Scone $4.95

Ross-a-Roonie Chocolate Muffin $4.50

Baked Goodies

Manitoba's $4.25

Nelly Lemon Bar $4.25

Birdie Boom Chocolate Chip Cookie $3.95