Lunch Menu

Lunch served daily until 2pm

CLICK HERE TO ORDER via the Joe App, then select "New Order" and navigate to the "Food" section by selecting the "food" button at the top of the app homepage. Your order, once placed through the Joe App, will hit our system and be ready for your pickup in the café. Thank you and see you soon!

Griller Sandwiches

The Frazier - Cheddar, monterey jack and swiss cheese, tuna with mayo dil, sriracha, relish and so much more grilled with butter on English muffin bread $13.50

The Richard - Thin sliced ham, swiss cheese, strawberry jam grilled with butter on English muffin bread $13.50

The Italy - Cheddar, monterey jack, swiss cheese, Italian dressing, salami, thin sliced ham with butter on English muffin bread $13.50

The Kainos - Cheddar, monterey jack, swiss cheese, bbq pulled chicken, bacon strips grilled with butter on English muffin bread $13.50

Served with your choice of: Tracy loaded potato salad, Marc Mac, T&H Tortellini, or Zack quinoa Mexican salad & a dill pickle 

Other Options

Tots - A healthy portion of seasoned tots deep fried to perfection $5.50

Grab & Go Options


The below listed sandwiches and salads are available for Grab & Go immediate pickup.

The Gardener - 5-grain bread with spinach, cucumber, tomatoes, reds onions and a pepper herb cream cheese spread $9.95

The Sunday - 5-grain bread with roast beef, swiss cheese, spring mix and a caramelized onion mayo $9.95

The Gobbler - 5-grain bread with turkey, spring mix and cranberry cream cheese spread  $9.95

The Monday (Warmed up) - Ciabatta, turkey, provolone cheese, fresh tomatoes, and pesto $8.95

The Picnic (Warmed up) - Ciabatta, ham, swiss cheese, and dijon mustard $8.95


The Maestro - Fresh spring mix with cherry tomatoes, crumbled bacon, hard boiled egg, peas, carrots (GF/DF) $10.95

The Napa Valley - Fresh spring mix with seasoned chicken breast strips, red grapes, green onions, sliced almonds, garlic herb croutons and a pesto vinaigrette  (GF) $10.95

The Augustus - Chicken caesar salad with fresh romaine lettuce, seasoned chicken breast strips, parmesan cheese, garlic herb croutons and  a caesar dressing recommended $10.95

The Shanghai Asian noddle salad - A delicious season noddle, with seasoned chicken breast strips, a cabbage slaw with asian slaw sauce and topped with chopped peanuts $10.95

The Waist Watcher - Spinach, strawberries, feta cheese, sugared pecans and red wine vinaigrette $10.95

Tracy Baked Potato Salad - A potato salad that tastes better then any baked potato you have ever had! $4.75

Zack Salad - Quinoa, with sun dried tomatoes, black beans, corn, green onions and a light  Mexican dressing $4.75

Mark Mac - Macaroni, carrots, green onions, mayo and spices $4.75

T&H Double Take Tortellini - Cheese tortellini with salami, parmesan cheese, and a wonderful Italian dressing $4.75

Other Tasty Options

Fruit Cup - Fresh fruit selection $4.50

Blueberry Parfait - Blueberry compote with a layer of greek yogurt and homemade granola $5.50

Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait - Strawberry Rhubarb compote with a layer of greek yogurt and homemade granola $5.50