Breakfast Menu

Breakfast served daily until 2pm 

CLICK HERE TO ORDER via the Joe App, then select "New Order" and navigate to the "Food" section by selecting the "food" button at the top of the app homepage. Your order, once placed through the Joe App, will hit our system and be ready for your pickup in the café. Thank you and see you soon!


The Scarletty-with butter and maple syrup $6.50

The Ella-with strawberry and whipped cream $7.50

The Maymay-with bananas and peanut butter glaze $7.50

The Mia-with maple bacon and maple syrup $7.95

The Alta-with blueberries, lemon curd and whipped cream $7.95

The Amanda-bananas or strawberries with nutella glaze and whipped cream $7.95

The Girly-Chicken strips tossed in a spicy maple syrup, served with extra maple syrup $8.95

Frittatas/Other breakfast items

*Please note: frittatas take 15 minutes to bake upon ordering. We thank you for your patience.

The Stealthy Healthy-Veggie with eggs, hash browns and pepper jack cheese $5.50

The Holt-sausage, hash browns, eggs and cheddar cheese $5.50

The Nashville-homemade buttermilk biscuit with chicken tenders, sweet pickles and sriracha mayo. $5.50

The Newell-homemade buttermilk biscuit with butter and jam $3.50

The Loni-homemade buttermilk biscuit with a sausage gravy on top $7.95

The Parkersburg-5 grain bread with sriracha mayo, bacon, spring mix and tomatoes $7.25 ( add an egg for $1.00)

The Pivot-5 grain toast with seasoned guacamole, tomatoes and a balsamic glaze $5.95

Morning tots-tater tots with salt $4.00

Breakfast bagel sandwiches

The Duke-sausage, egg, cheddar cheese on a triple cheese bagel $5.25

The Mosser-ham, egg and Swiss cheese on a plain bagel $5.25

The Austin-bacon, egg and provolone on a multi grain bagel $5.25

The Marlia-avocado cream cheese spread with spinach, tomatoes, red onions and egg on an everything bagel $5.25

Oatmeal/Hot Cereal

The Sheperd-gf oatmeal with nuts and brown sugar $3.50

Ellie Oop-gf oatmeal with crasins, almonds and cinnamon $3.50

Grammy Grub-gf 8 grain hot cereal with butter and brown sugar $3.95


The Myers-garlic and herb tortilla with sausage, hash brown, eggs and cheddar cheese $5.95

The Brookster-chorizo, egg, hash brown and pepper jack cheese in a sun-dried tomato burrito wrap $5.95

The Peterson-veggies, hash browns, eggs and pepper jack cheese on a spinach tortilla $5.95